Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I did it!!!

I am Offically a new G6 car driver!!! I am so excited!!! I have an amazing team, and we are well on our way to directorship!!! With this car we will be able to sell Jason's car and pay off our Yukon and not have a car payment!!! This is such a huge blessing for us!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Ok, so I got a knock on my door yesterday, it was the power company, informing us that they were going to trim our trees away from the power lines. I thought, ok, a trim, maybe a few branches here and there to get them away from the power lines.

Well, apparently my idea of a trim and their idea of a trim are two totally different ideas. I woke up to a chainsaw (and a migraine). My neighbor came to my door asking if I had seen what they were doing to our trees, I said no I hadn't and we went to the back yard, where my three east trees had been completely topped!. They chopped my trees!!! I told them to stop cutting the trees until we figured out a compromise. I understand it isnt the trimmers fault, it is their supervisors who insist on them cutting away their 14 foot easement, and also an additional 4-5 feet so they don't have to come back and trim the trees for a few years. I would have been fine with them trimming their 14 foot easement, but to cut my trees literally in half!!! That is not accaptable!!! My trees look horrible, the shade they provided for our back yard is now extinct, and the sound barrier from the busy street behind us is gone! I am SO mad, and unfortunatlly there is nothing we can do about it!!! Seriously, they should burry the lines, not keep hacking peoples trees! So I have had a very stressful morning and all I want to do is cry and sleep. Luckly I saved the last three form being totally mutilated, GRRRRR!!!!

I hate the power company at the moment!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

New Year

I love the new "school" year!!! We are just starting school back up, after taking a few months off. Why are we starting the end of July.... well, we live in a neighborhood where the school is year round, and school just started, so I figured we would too. I worked up a new schedule and we ran it today and it went amazingly smooth!! Now I know not everyday will go this smoothly, but it will be nice having a game plan. Basically, I start my day by 5:00, which gives me time in the morning for scripture study, personal study time, and time to exercise. I wake the oldest three up at 7:00 and we have devotional with Jason. Then the kids do their morning chores while I make breakfast. We eat breakfast together while we read and discuss different books, such as Gospel Principles, a picture book for the young kids, and this month we are reading Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. That last until about 9:00, then it is Bubba's time. He get a full hour with mom, where he gets to choose what we do, today we read a lot of books, and he choose to do a reading lesson. Then it is Bizy turn at 10:00, again she gets to choose what we do durring her hour, today it was two reading lessons, she needs to keep ahead of her little brother, and some math. She also choose to read a story about taking turns, which is SO appliciable to her!!! then from 11:00-12:00 is Buddy's turn. While I worked with the other kids he did things that did not need my help with, such as math, reading and writting his summary, and his handwritting exercises. Then durring our hour we worked on Grammar, Piano, Spelling, and his choice topic of the day, which currently is cartooning.

then after lunch and clean up is free learning time, basically it is still "school time" but they can do whatever they want to, play games, color, draw, write stories, whatever. that goes until 3:00 then school is over and they are free to go play. This schedule worked SO well today, I am excited to see it play out on a regular basis!!!

As far as my business goes, well I am two active team members away from my car YAY!!! I know I can do it! I will earn my car this month I am SO excited!!!!

Dance like no one is watching!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

time for a housekeeper

Ok so I know that my house will never be as clean as I would like it to be, at least while my kids are home. But sheesh!!! can I at least have it look presentable?!?!? I really need a full time housekeeper. I am so busy with other things, that cleaning, laundry, and cooking are just not high on my priority list, my you can tell, my house looks like a hurricane hit it (well maybe not THAT bad, but I feel it is).
I have started doing 30 day cooking, where I take about a week and buy, prepare and cook all the meals for a month, then freeze them. That works amazingly well!! We are also cutting back on the meat we eat, I made a chicken stroganoff the other night with Qjorn Chik'n instead of real chicken and no one could tell the difference, even the texture is the same!!!

The kids are doing well, we are trying to find a schooling schedule that will work, I am really considering getting a curriculum, but Jason is not on board with that one. I need something though. I guess if I were to just stay consistent with my routine, then things would be great, but routines are so hard for me.

On the bright side, my Mary Kay business has blossomed! I am officially on target for my car, and I am hoping to submit for DIQ at the end of May. I really need to get some sort of routine down soon, to find balance.

Anyhow I am totally rambling, but hey thats what I am good at!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Such a Slacker

Ok so I really need to update my blog more often. I have been so insanely busy!! I started selling Mary Kay Cosmetics, and I must say things are going SO well!! I cant even believe how great things are going. I recently read a book called The Jackrabbit Factor. ( The ideas presented in the book have forever changed my life. I see things differently now and I 'get it' so to say. The power of positive thought is amazing. I put in vision how I want my life, where I want to be and I feel it as if it were already here. I feel the gratitude and see the results. It is truly amazing!

The kids are doing great! Buddy is learning in leaps and bounds. He is currently on a boat phase and is learning all about the Titanic. Bizy is a little mom and is very helpful with the babies. She is also starting to read, which is alot of fun to see her do. Bubba is such a sweet child! He is a little comedian too. he is also starting to learn to read, but I am not going to push it, just let him go at his pace. Manu is going through a hitting phase and it is driving me NUTS!!! I just do not know what to do with him. He is also showing interest in potty training, well see how that goes. Mr. N is teething, and we think he may be allergic to the dog. I am not sure what we are going to do about that.

So we've entered baseball/Dance competition season, and the true insanity has begun. So far Buddy is 2-0 for the season and is doing really well, now that he can see with his new glasses! Oh yeah did I mention he got glasses? Bizy and I have our first competition this Saturday, I'll let you know how that goes. Buddy is also doing Karate, and is doing really well at it. As soon as he reaches Purple, we told him he can join the black-belt club, which will mean more competitions for him.

Insanity, pure insanity.... I wouldn't want it any other way ;)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wow, and update

Ok so I have been extremly slacking on keeping my blog updated, sorry.

Here is a quick update. I have my baby on Aug 24, 5 weeks early. he then was in teh NICU for 10 days, it was the hardest thing ever, to leave him there and go home. Someday I *might* actually get around to posting a birth story... maybe...

Anyhow, things are going pretty good. Jason is working with a new company and loving it. I've started back into dance, though I really feel this is my last year. As much as I LOVE it, it really isnt good for my self-image ( I feel really old and overweight around all the other girls). Buddy is launching into love of learning, he amazes me with the things he wants to learn about, right now he is on a wat kick, specifically the first and second World Wars. Bizy has really started showing an intrest in finally learning how to read, I wondered if she would ever want to do it... Bubba is just cruizing right along, he is such a sweet hearted little guy! i cant count the times he comes up to me just to say "Mom, I love you!" Manu is getting so big and growing so fast, though he has hit a very clingy stage, but I cant complain, the whole time I was pregnant he preferred Jason, so I kinda like having his affection. As for the baby, well, he is doing So great!! the Dr.s are really impressed with how fast he is catching up, they think he was earlier than 5 weeks though, since his lungs were so under developed. He is still pretty small, it is just like having a baby longer. He is 4 months, and still fits nicely into his 0-3 month clothes. Well that is all for now, hopefully I can keep on top of things and not let it go months before updating again!!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Free at last!!!

I am so excited. My little almost 3 year old is finally potty-trained!!! I am free from diapers... well at least his diapers. I was so stressing about having three in diapers, but he finally did it. basically I decided I wasnt going to buy diapers anymore and didnt. He quickly learned he didnt like the wet pants feeling and started going in the potty chair. It only took a day and he had mastered going pee. Poop, well that was another story, it took a couple days to get that down. But it has been almost a week of no accidents!!! I am So excited!!!!

How funny that the bodily functions of our children can make us shout for joy....